Horizontal Sand Screens

Variperm is the leading provider of custom, well-specific horizontal sand filtration screens for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) projects in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and other geographical areas of Canada.

Third party testing of both flow modeling and installation load envelopes have anchored the Variperm wire wrap screen as the go-to choice for SAGD liners. As of the beginning of 2016, 600,000 metres of Variperm SAGD wire wrap screen have been installed in SAGD projects throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Because all of our SAGD horizontal and conventional sand screens are engineered, designed and manufactured at our 65,000 sq ft Calgary facility, we can manage substantial volume on an immense scale for the largest SAGD operations. Furthermore, our close proximity to many of the largest Canadian SAGD projects provides greater flexibility and decreased operation downtimes – resulting in overall lower project costs.  


Variperm’s SAGD horizontal wire wrapped liners are designed with the structural and mechanical capacity to withstand compression, torque, thermal strain and pressure. They are easily installed and virtually maintenance-free. Other premium features of this technology includes:

  • base pipe screen available as jacket style, direct wire wrap, pre-pack and precise punch slots
  • true keystone design for self cleaning and maximum flow
  • over 40 wires/shapes used to account for various slot sizes and variables
  • slot size from .003” - .500”
  • 304L SS or 316L SS rib and wrap wire
  • special alloys available
  • high open flow area
  • resistance against plugging – solder strip, weldbead and lug free
  • corrosion and erosion resistant
  • more open flow area than slotted liners, increasing flow and optimizing productivity

24/7 Customer Service

Variperm provides engineering, field service and custom manufacturing solutions within 24 hours to save money and minimize downtimes.

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Variperm is turning the science of wire wrap filtration into an art form.